BOOM. With today's & NY State of Health updates, total QHPs have OFFICIALLY broken 10M nationally

It's one thing to know that the 10 million mark was broken over the weekend; it's something else to have it confirmed. Today's weekly report brought the confirmed total up to 9.917 million nationally...but it was followed almost immediately by a surprise New York State of Health press release stating that NY has ramped up their QHP total to nearly 513,000*...a whopping 156K increase in just the past 17 days, which is rather astonishing.

*Note: it looks like NY may be including about 58K "Child Health Plus" enrollees in this number; if so, the actual QHP total would be about 454.5K, still impressive...and would also reduce the total below to about 10.016 million..but still over the 10 million mark. Until I can confirm this, however, I'm leaving the full 513K in the spreadsheet.

UPDATE 5/19pm: OK, just received confirmation from the NY State of Health that yes, today's 513K "private coverage" figure does indeed include Child Health Plus enrollees. They didn't have the exact number, but I'm fairly certain that it should be somewhere around 58-60K of the total.

As such, I've moved 59,000 of NY's tally over to "Off-exchange QHPs" (they don't really belong there either, but I'm not sure where the heck else to put them), bringing the actual exchange QHPs for NY down to 454K.

By adding that to the mix, the grand total has now officially broken 10 million and stands at a minimum of 10,075,140 10,016,140 as of today:

At least 36 states have now officially broken the HHS Dept's 2015 target, and at least 4 (Alaska, Delaware, DC and Hawaii) have broken mine.

In addition, there are 7 more states within striking distance (85% or higher) of HHS's target, and 29 states within striking distance of mine (note that this refers to my original targets for each state; I haven't worked my updated targets into the spreadsheet yet).

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