When is the 2018 Individual Market Filing Deadline in YOUR state?

2019 OPEN ENROLLMENT ENDS (most states)

Time: D H M S

I'm not sure what the original source for this is, but the following initial filing deadlines were provided by Stephen Holland via Twitter. I've already posted analyses of the Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut filings. The California and Oregon filings are supposed to have been submitted already but don't appear to be publicly available yet. In addition, it's my understanding that in many states the rates can still be adjusted/resubmitted until as late as August 16th, so I'm not really sure how useful these dates are anyway, but it's at least a guideline.

The June (?) entries presumably indicate that they're some point between 6/9 - 6/20 and 6/22 - 6/30.

  • May 1: CA, CT, MD, OR
  • May 3: VA
  • May 12: VT
  • May 15: CO
  • May 18: NC
  • May 19: NY
  • May 22: PA
  • May 26: OH
  • June 1: AZ, HI, MO, OK, TX, WY
  • June 2: ID, ME, MS, NH
  • June 7: WA, KY
  • June 8: MT
  • June (?): NM, MI, NV, NE, IA
  • June 21: FL, DE, GA, IN, LA, NJ, ND, SC
  • June (?): WV, UT
  • July 1: TN
  • July 5: MA
  • July 14: AR, KS
  • July 17: AK
  • Unknown: AL, DC, IL, MN, RI, SD, WI